A Brief Guide to Gay Prague

With the 9th Annual Prague Pride Parade taking place this weekend, it seems a good time to offer a brief guide to the gay and lesbian scene in Prague. While I have to confess limited knowledge of the scene myself, I’ve taken the time to do some research into this so you don’t have to. So without further ado, let’s get on with a guide to some of the most well known and popular gay friendly nightspots

1 – Saints Bar – The Saints is a small bar located in the heart of the Prague gay quarter of Vinohrady. They are just around the corner from Termix gay club, and also in close proximity to several other gay bars and nightclubs. They provide a fresh and distinctive twist to the Prague gay scene and offer a warm atmosphere, friendly service, excellent drinks and great music. The barmen come from all over the world, but all speak English, and they offer information about what is going on in the local scene.

The friendly crew at Saints Bar

2 – Jampa Dampa – Jampa Dampa is a little ramshackle, but probably has the largest lesbian presence of all Prague bars, but is mostly popular at the weekend, although they also organize a karaoke night every Tuesday. This place is definitely worth a look.

Another fun night at Jampa Dampa

Other than this, one of the best places for the ladies to go and meet people is probably the monthly Freedom Night held at PM Club (Trojicka 10, Prague 2), as pretty much all of Prague’s lesbians come out in full force for this night. This is a good place to meet other women, and they have live shows, dating and great DJs.

3 – Bourgois Pig – The brilliant Bourgeois Pig aims to provide a new experience for gay visitors to Prague. The bar is ovingly and eclectically designed, and is a comfortable space with a friendly and engaging owner who prepares super inventive cocktails. For those into retro music, the bar also operates as a vinyl record shop, and you can even play some of these when you are there, and they also have regular live music and comedy acts on their small stage.

Live music at The Pig

4 – Piano Bar – One of the oldest and best established bars in Prague, this place was recently taken over by new owners and offers a more modern look and friendlier staff towards tourists, although the clientele are mainly local Czechs. This is one of the few bars in Prague that still has regular drag shows, so check out their website for up to date information about their events.

Piano Bar entrance

5 – Termix – This small disco club is the most popular gay dance venue in town and has its own unique charm. The staff are friendly and there is a great atmosphere, and the club really comes into its own on Wednesday nights (or ‘Hezky Cesky’ as it is known on the scene) when Czech tunes predominate, helping to draw in the locals. They also have karaoke nights on Thursdays, and the club can get very busy at the weekends. There is one small dancefloor, a long bar, a dark room and an upstairs chill out area.

Termix during Prague Pride

So there is our brief guide – obviously there is much more to the Prague scene than the places listed here, but hopefully there is something here to get everyone started, regardless of your particular persuasion.

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