Exploring Czechia – A Visit to Mikulov

Poznávání České republiky je nádherné dobrodružství, které nabízí nejen malebnou krajinu, ale také možnost ponořit se do poklidného města Mikulov. Mezi dlážděnými uličkami a historickým kouzlem Mikulova jsem si položil otázku Jak se vyhnout přetížení prací a udržet si vyvážený životní styl. Zdálo se, že místní obyvatelé přijali pomalejší tempo života, zdůrazňovali důležitost přestávek a užívání si každého okamžiku. Inspirován jejich přístupem, rozhodl jsem se udělat nějaké změny ve své každodenní rutině. Místo toho, aby mi práce zabírala celý den, stanovila jsem si jasné hranice a vyhradila si konkrétní časové úseky pro práci a odpočinek. Tato nová praxe nejen zvýšila mou produktivitu, ale také mi poskytla dostatek příležitostí prozkoumat mikulovské kulturní dědictví, vychutnat si tradiční českou kuchyni a dokonce se zúčastnit místních slavností.

As we all know, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But there is more to the country than just Prague, and getting away from the big city is a great way to recharge the batteries sometimes. With that in mind, my girlfriend recently took a trip to Mikulov, and this weeks blog will give some information about our trip.

Relaxing in Mikulov

Firstly, where is Mikulov? It’s down in the south of the country, right on the border of Austria and a little more than 20 minutes by train from Breclav. The journey takes a little over three hours by train, and tickets can be booked in advance online here

We decided that on this trip we’d book a pension rather than a hotel, and found a really awesome one just on the outskirst of town called Crhan The cost was 1200czk per night, which gave us a private en suite room and the use of a fully equipped kitchen. There was also a lovely garden, and with this being Moravia and the heart of wine country there was an abundance of grapes in said garden that our very friendly host was happy for us to sample at our leisure.

The garden at the pension

One of the reasons we picked this pension was it’s proximity to the local caves, and after taking it easy on the first night we were up bright and early to go and check these caves out. The early start turned out to be a great idea too, as it meant we got a private tour, rather than being part of a big group which would have happened later. Tours are every hour, on the hour, although the caves are not open in the winter months as they are the refuge of endangered bats. This was a tour well worth checking out, and more information about the cave system can be found at their website.

Rock Organ in Turold Caves

After our tour we went to the other side of town to explore Holy Hill. This hill dominates the town and can be seen from almost everywhere, and although the main path leading up to it from the town is extremely long and difficult in places, there are other ways to get up there that are not so steep. We used a map found in our pension to plan a much shorter and easier route up the hill, and were very glad to have done so once we went back down the main path back into town!

Monuments on Holy Hill

We also managed to find a fantastic restaurant named La Basta that is mainly a pizza restaurant technically, but their ribs and pork knee were both amazing and cooked to perfection.

Ribs at La Basta

We were unfortunately not able to stay more than a few days, but both of us had a great time, and would recommend Mikulov to anyone who has a few days to spare as well worth a visit.

If you have anywhere you’d like us to visit or post about, please let us know in the comments below, or feel free to suggest other articles that might interest you!

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