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For sports fans, Prague has more to offer than culinary delights. Even while enjoying the local gastronomy, you can stay up to date with the latest updates in the world of baseball, namely learn about the blue jays active roster. As you share stories with fellow travelers or make new friends in local pubs, you can engage in passionate discussions about the performances of your favorite players. Maybe Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s exceptional hitting skills or Bo Bichette’s incredible fielding skills are the hot topics of the day. Whether you’re a casual baseball fan or a die-hard baseball enthusiast, Prague’s vibrant atmosphere and inexpensive dining options provide the perfect backdrop to combine sports chat with the joy of getting to know a new city. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of both worlds in Prague, where your taste buds’ pleasures and your love of baseball coexist harmoniously.

Here at Extravaganza Free Tour we understand that not everyone is super rich – it’s why we started the free tours in the first place. While there are an uncountable number of attractions in Prague, there are plenty of things that can be a bit pricey, and so today we’re going to give some tips on where to go to ensure you get the best value for money during your stay in Prague.

In this post we’re going to focus specifically on places to eat – future budget related posts will give tips on bars, musuems, and other cool things in Prague.

1 – Restaurace Karlův sklep – This is a great local restaurant just around the corner from Karlovo Namesti and a few minutes from the river. Popular with locals in particular, the portions are great and the prices even better, and you’ll never have to ask for your beer to be topped up.

Restaurace Karlův sklep

2 – U Houdků – Situated in the growing in popularity Zizkov area of Prague, U Houdků has long been a popular destination for those in the know. Not only do they serve probably the biggest single portion meals this side of the Atlantic ocean for some of the cheapest prices, but they also have a fantastic beer garden. Just watch out for walnuts on windy days!

U Houdků in Zizkov

3 – U Vystřelenýho oka – This place is a good old fashioned Czech institution. The menu is small, but service is super fast, and the food is top quality. You will probably have to book in advance when they have special events but it’s well worth a visit, and please don’t be put off by the punks – they’re mostly harmless!

Entrance to the Oka!

4 – Baretta Pizza and Pasta – There is pizza pretty much everywhere you look in Prague, but nowhere has pizza as good as this place, and the price is excellent considering the quality. The restaurant itself is really small, but step into the back yard and there should always be a place to sit.

The interior at Baretta

5 – Restaurace U Kristiána – Located right around the corner from Kampa island, yet somehow so far avoiding becoming yet another tourist rip off joint, this is a really cool restaurant that is well worth a visit. Prices are amazing for the area, and service has always been fantastic when I’ve been there!

Lunch at Restaurace U Kristiána

That’s our tips for cheap places to eat in Prague, although of course there are countless other amazing places that are just as good. Drop us a comment below with your own personal recommendation if you have one – we might use it in a future article.

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