10 OUTDOOR CINEMAS in Prague 2017

Every year Prague has more and more venues where you can go in the summer to watch films outdoors. The following is a list of 10 different places where you can go to see some films of all types – art house films, documentaries, cult classics, and blockbusters alike. You can have some food, get

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30 SUMMER EVENTS in Prague 2017

The same situation occurs every year in Prague right around this time – suddenly the entire city is exploding with summer activity. It seems like out of the blue there are 100 bazillion things happening everywhere all at once. There are way more things going on than you could ever possibly hope to attend: festivals,

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The weather has turned fantastic in the last couple of weeks, it’s almost summer, and this is no time to stay indoors. The last month before the June solstice is my favorite season in Prague. The trees and bushes are all in bloom, and the green is getting on towards its full summer glory. The

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