November 17 – tribute to the fight for freedom

November 17 is a date of global significance. On that day in 1869, the Suez straight was open, on the same date in 1950, the 14th dalai-lama was inaugurated and in 1970 the computer mouse was patented. It is also an international day of students. For Czech people, it isn’t a celebration of liberal student life, partying

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Peaceful student protest


One of the things I love about this city is that there are so many theaters here, you can’t walk down the street without tripping over the light fantastic. Prague is a huge center of cultural activity of all types. Unfortunately, a lot of the theatrical performances are relatively inaccessible to those of us with

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Prague Shakespeare Company at the Estates Theater.

VINOBRANÍ: the celebration of the grape (and all good things that come from it)

It’s time to get your Dionysus on because September in Prague is wine time, and that’s a fine time indeed. When most people think of the Czech Republic, they think of beer, but one of the other classic beverages which this country excels at producing is wine. So at the beginning of every autumn, in

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The season of the grape.

25 years of freedom

The 17th of November, the Czechs and Slovaks are celebrating the so-called Velvet Revolution – the peaceful demonstrations that ended the 41 years period of totalitarian communist rule. During those remarkable days, the opposition singers banned from their career for decades could sing to large crowds again and the Western world was zealously listening to

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The door of Iron Curtain finally opened after 1989.
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