ZOO PRAHA: doing it like animals

Living in Prague can be a wild life, and nothing says ‘wild’ like hanging out with lions and tigers and bears. Or jaguars and lizards and beers. The place for that is obviously Zoo Praha, one of the coolest and most widely acclaimed zoos not only in Europe, but also in the entire world. It’s

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Tom is a playful bad-ass who enjoys playing tricks on his keepers when he's not busy popping suddenly out of the water to startle children and unsuspecting dogs.

Prague vs. Taxi: Drivers in the city center rip tourists off money

A lot of travelers have probably experienced this situation. You just came to an entirely foreign city and you are feeling tired and confused. You withdraw the first foreign money from an ATM. Then you try to count how many euros, dollars or rubles that approximately is, but you still have a hard time estimating

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Karlova street in Prague so-called tourist highway
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