3 Must-See Flea Markets in Prague

Looking for that adventurous escape off-the-beaten-path during your visit to Prague? Flea markets are probably one of the best ways to do so. How come? Well, first you will travel outside of the city center to local places. Secondly, you will either need to undergo ad-hoc lessons of Czech language or be comfortable with haggling

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Great view of the flea market at Avoid, source: Prague.eu

Things to know about the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia

Today, the Czechs are remembering one of their several painful moments in the history of our country. It has been exactly 50 years since the USSR-led forces have invaded Czechoslovakia. The reason for the invasion was due to the Prague Spring. This was a period in which the Czechoslovak communist government tried to relax some

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Resistance to the invasion.