6 BEER GARDENS IN PRAGUE,  and not just the same two that every other blog tells you to visit…

As always, when visiting beer gardens and other outdoor spaces in Prague, make sure you have cash with you as no one allows you to pay by card and there are not normally bank machines close-by. In addition to drinks, all of these gardens serve the usual Czech grilled food such as sausages, cheese, and

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Prague vs. Taxi: Drivers in the city center rip tourists off money

A lot of travelers have probably experienced this situation. You just came to an entirely foreign city and you are feeling tired and confused. You withdraw the first foreign money from an ATM. Then you try to count how many euros, dollars or rubles that approximately is, but you still have a hard time estimating

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Six mistakes tourists make in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic attracted over 6 million  foreign tourists in 2014, according to the statistics. As you’ve probably already learned, Prague certainly offers vast possibilities for the numerous visitors to enjoy.  However, being a foreigner always means that you are somehow prone to fall into tourist traps. Read about six common mistakes

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