In the late-night hours of 20-21 August, 1968, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was invaded by approximately 500,000 members of the combined armed forces of East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland lead by – who else? – the USSR. This military incursion was undertaken by the Warsaw Pact nations in order to put a stop to

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for House 2021, From Best & First

A top quality vacuum cleaner keeps your residence tidy by eliminating dust and also particles from floors, furnishings, and also stairs. The big, tilt-and-push style of an upright vacuum is maybe among one of the most conventional kinds of vacuum cleaners, helpful for a range of surfaces including carpeting and hardwood floors. Despite their normally

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6 BEER GARDENS IN PRAGUE,  and not just the same two that every other blog tells you to visit…

As always, when visiting beer gardens and other outdoor spaces in Prague, make sure you have cash with you as no one allows you to pay by card and there are not normally bank machines close-by. In addition to drinks, all of these gardens serve the usual Czech grilled food such as sausages, cheese, and

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