6 chill TEA ROOMS in central Prague

It’s cold outside. It won’t be warmer any time soon. The streets of Prague sure are purty covered in this year’s uncharacteristic dusting of snow, but one needs to find a warm respite once in a while. To that end, we’ve compiled this list of cozy, authentic tea rooms in the center of town where

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Welcome to Dobrá Čajovna. photo, Mélanie Rada

NEW YEAR’S EVE 2016, what to do in Prague

In Prague, New Year’s Eve has a name and that name is Silvestr. Everybody knows Silvestr. Silvestr is a hep cat prone to indulge in parties, loud noises, throbbing music, immoderate substance use, and erratic behavior. Many local people love Silvestr’s charm and daring. Many other local people avoid Silvestr like the plague by escaping

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It ain't a party 'til somethin' blows up.


If you like hot spiced wine along with your chestnuts roasting on an open fire, come visit Prague during the Christmas season. It may not be covered in a beautiful layer of pristine white snow, but it’s still considered to be one of Europe’s most scenic and magical holiday destinations with its decorated streets and

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Namesti Miru

KUTNÁ HORA: silver and bones

Kutná Hora is an ancient town located to the east of Prague, an hour journey by train, and which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Though in medieval times it was a a mining center that contributed significantly to the royal coffers of the princes of Bohemia, these days it is probably best

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The Sedlec ossuary. No dogs allowed.

ALL SOULS’ DAY, 2 NOVEMBER: some pass on to the hereafter… and some don’t

Czechs, by their own account, are some of the least religious people in the world. Nevertheless, the long-standing tradition of All Souls’ Day is alive and well here, so to speak. Over the weekend, the country’s already-beautiful cemeteries began to blaze with the light of thousands of candles, lit in remembrance of those no longer

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